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Digital Branding, Web Design

About the Project

Postlight is a product studio in New York with significant clients like Vice Media, New York City MTA, Bloomberg and Mailchimp. As their Senior Visual Designer, I have been responsible with completely redesigning the digital branding. A fresh new website design was phase one.

Role: Senior Designer

Type: Digital Branding, Web Design

Date: 2019 – 2020


With the Postlight CEO Rich Ziade’s words:
Don’t just make it look good, make it tell the stories with our clients”. 

Researching many competitors and approaches, and understand how Postlight solved problems for their clients with solutions, I took on a journey to come up with a solid design solution. Started out with initial drafts and mockups.

Initial explorations in parallel to new branding:


Postlight’s clients are big. Like, big big. After numerous explorations, it was obvious that going too creative and experimental will not work. The design needed to display the impact of Postlight’s success stories.

While some bits of the design suggestions were provided by the Postlight’s branding agency Unfold, we ended up with repetitive visuals that had to be tackled. So I continued to iterate on the designs.

Explorations continued:

Final Work

Postlight shareholders’ feedbacks helped grow the design exponentially. As we moved back and forth through the design process, we were able to define and apply improvements screen-by-screen.

After 4 months of work, a design language that is unique, storytelling and easy on the eye was the outcome.


Overall design and relaunch of the website is highly welcomed by both the Postlight shareholders and their respected clients, as they were also involved for final approval of their cases, making me feel proud of the outcome.

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