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About the Project

With over 30 million customers, Wadi was a large scale online retail platform in Middle East, which was later acquired by Majid Al Futtaim group. As their design lead, I was responsible with defining and creating UX and Product design materials for the purpose of sales conversion.

Role: Design Lead

Type: Product Design, UX Research

Date: 2018


Wadi was an e-commerce focused work compared to my other design works, since the stakes were at the revenue performance side, rather than solely making things look good. I was involved in both UX analysis and Product Design part.

Prior to design overhauls, I’ve studied the overall design and after 2 months of UX research and analysis, I prepared a report for usability and conversion dead ends.

Desktop Platform UX Analysis – Download the report


Once the troubles defined, solving them was next. I’ve designed a refreshed home, products listing, PDP(product detail) and cart scenarios that could help increase the conversion rates and reduce product/cart abandonment.

PDP and PLP refresh with improvements applied


We studied the effects of design changes screen-by-screen with A/B tests and mostly the updates passed with improved results. 

Account and shopping cart refresh


With a platform hitting 1 million product sales/month, there was no room for error. The design and functionality updates returned %7 increase in sales and %5 deduction in shopping cart abandonment.


This work was not only about my design work but also skills on UX habits analysis and applying the results into practice. Wadi continued to grow at a significant rate until it’s acquirement.

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